My (non-Stock) Images on National Public Radio (NPR)

The city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) was greatly influenced by German and Polish cultures. While the demographics are changing, there is still a lingering tradition of polka music.

There is a tavern in the city where everyone is welcome to come one night each week to play polka music or to just watch and listen. A number of old-timers show up and they crank away on their concertinas. I worked on a small photo-documentary project and spent a number of evenings photographing the people. By coincidence, National Public Radio (NPR) came out while I was doing this. NPR did a feature on the bar and I gave them some of my photographs which they used on one of their web sites.

If you go to this link:

Milwaukee Concertina Bar on NPR will get a web page which covers the different segments they did while in town. On the left side of the web page there is a link titled "State of the RE: Union - Viva La Polka!" This brings up a YouTube video and if you play it you will see many of my photographs. Not all the photographs are mine but it's nice to see how they were used to tell a story that is but one of many stories throughout our world.

Let me tell you one thing: Being inside a dimly-lit bar, many of the images are noisy, grainy, and blurry. But they're perfect that way, it works well for this kind of a project. I hope you Reviewers take notice. :-)

Regardless, wherever you are in your part of the world, there are stories to tell. And I know many of you came to stock because you enjoy photography because of projects like this, not for the sake of stock. Sometimes I wish I could see the real photographer in all of you and not the technically-correct shiny toaster pictures we upload because that's not always what we really are as photographers.

I hope your photography endeavors take you to places that can be provocative, moving, or special. :-)

Photo credits: Falconstock.

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May 11, 2010


What a great blog! I'm struggling with the whole shooting for stock thing. I guess what it comes down to is not pigeon holing yourself and just shooting microstock. I personally love images with feeling and grit, images that tell a story not sell a product. It's been good meeting up with people from here on facebook, you get to see a whole other side to their photography.

May 10, 2010


What a thoughtful blog. I look at my portfolio and I cringe sometimes. I've learned so much here and have been able to increase my portfolio but my favorite photos are not accepted because they are considered art or over filtered or not what we are looking for. This process of trying to build my portfolio has really increased my skills. I have so far to go with my skills and the process and reviews help. Thank you for sharing and recognizing that we are more than what our portfolios represent.

May 09, 2010


One day I will you my stories

May 09, 2010


So you don't like my toasters, huh? Well, anyway, interesting and fun to know about. Thanks!

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