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Okay, I have a few minutes so I will promote myself a bit.

My little concept humanoid silhouette got me to 1700 images.

© Noonie

It's been a smidgen (look it up Maigi and Dessie) over 2 years since I made the plunge and decided to see what was up with this idea of selling photos on line. Or as my family says, "Putting them on the internet." It has bought me some new lenses and made me use my brain cells in different ways. Some would say that just using my brain cells would be different...most times I agree!

© Noonie
Anyway, here's hoping and praying that I can keep learning enough to stay at it for a while. Things are changing and competition is getting stiffer so it's a challenge. But I'll still follow my friends and family around and bother them no matter what! Thanks everyone, from buyers, to admins, to anyone willing to listen to me or answer some questions now and again. Here's to a great October!

Photo credits: Susan Leggett.

Your article must be written in English



Thank you, Frantab01!!


wow, what a great achievement, well done and good luck :)


Maybe I'll just go and take a little schnooze for a while and when I wake up I'll go looking for Clayton.....


No, I'm trying to learn SHusan's language, you know English is easy but this one ..... phhhhwweeee, maybe that's why I started to have aliens in my dreams at night :() Last night they wanted to took me away :((((


Help, I'm getting confused....I have Maen talking on one line and you on another!! But anyway, I'm not real sure you want to be associated with me like that...........


There are many ways to do that markup right click and COPY then PASTE as a fast solution!
Control+C then Control V is a faster solution!
Don't tell me you don't know how to write HUBELI BABELIIII !!!
I think since the movie you started to speak weird languages Dessie!


Yep, a real copy of you!


I have created a monster!!!!


Hubeli Babeliiii!!?!?!?! Maen, how could you write such a nonsence every time in same way with no mistake?!?!!?


Okay, my fere! Henceforth hither is no mere, I wrought the impossible to write this for thou, and I hope I don't tallt. Just in case onuppan art overmany new words for thou and thou get naught, go hither to check their meanings LOOOOOOOOOOL


I didn't know that SHusan is Shuhusan! Does that mean SHome SHing AlSHo!
Dessie can you check for Hubeli Babeliiii :)))


Hooray, Maigi made it..we saved some balloons for you. The cake was consumed! I love to pull old words out of my hat....or helmet :)) My mother liked to tell them to us and I remember some. I'm sure I can buy a book with old words and sayings when I want to know more and feel the need to share :))


Maigi, I've bookmarked that site but always forget to use it :)))
Wait to check what midget means LOOL I thought I know most of the words ;P


:) Well, I'm late to the party, as usual... but - huge congratulations to you, Shuhusan! You just keep on going - great example for all of us. I love your football images - really well captured! Thanks for the translation of 'smidgen', I haven't heard it, but it reminded me midgets... maybe the same root? (PS: Desi, you should really start to use You wouldn't ever miss any English word. If the word isn't there, it just isn't in English. ;)) Congrats, Susan! Happy for you!


Thanks, Mark, I like being a peep! :)))


Wow, 1700 images....thats amazing. Its peeps like you who keep me wanting to ad more....I'll be happy when I crack the er big 100.

Great work and well done


Thank you, Paul and Dragos :))


I like your concepts, Susan!


Congratulations Susan! Nice work!


Thanks, Marilyn, I'm trying!
And Richard, you can't fool me, you could be at 1700 tomorrow!


Great achievement Susan, good work and well done, keep those creative brain cells working! :)


Thanks, Eti, it's really tricky with babies...I had no idea what this would look like and was very surprised! But he was a cutie the whole time. We were sitting in a boat!


I say you will grow and grow and learn and learn! I like the serious look and the little ones face!


Thanks, Dave!
Oh, Maen, I can handle one number at a time...I do really well if someone writes a number on a check made out to me!


congratulations, well deserved, great job


Hmm what do we have here! SHusan is talking about numbers!
That last journey in the spaceship didn't make her well!!! Alien Flu!!
Thanks for the smidgen explaination and good luck with the 1704! ;)


Thanks, Lingong, I'll be at 3000 when you're at 20,000!

A smidgen is better than none, Dessie.


Oh, thanks for clarification, SHusan! You know I use a smidgen of my brain cells but I'm trying to understand all :)))))))


1700 images online!
That's great!!!


Thanks, David, I just read your blog and replied.


Main Entry: smidgen !smi-jun
Pronunciation: ˈsmi-jən
Function: noun
Etymology: probably alteration of English dial. smitch soiling mark
Date: 1845
a small amount : bit (a smidgen of salt - a smidgen of common sense)

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