My oldest photo sold!

My oldest photo of this bird served someone yesterday. I'm quite happy about this. This was probably the first or second photo online back then. My AR was something like 17% probably. Maybe worse. I don't remember because I don't want to. ;)

I also recently sold the second oldest photo. Good thing is both were level 1. I'm level 1 myself so far.

I have sold another photo of a pair of black winged stilts too which I believed was a really clumsy one with zero sales potential. My sale with the biggest revenue (around $5) was another file which I still think is not attractive at all....that clouds (no, just sky. It doesn't even have proper clouds!) photo. I don't know how it was even accepted without the "Your file doesn't exceed existing files in quality and composition" criterion. But looks like the reviewers really understand their site. I certainly don't understand yet. ;)

I am expecting some sales on the butterfly photos this spring though. I have got quite some good ones. Flowers too.

By the way, if anyone missed the older articles, here you go:

Butterfly photography article

Bird photography article

A question:

While most of the sub sales get you $0.42, why do some get only $0.36?

Agreed $0.42 doesn't make me full of money compared to $0.36 at the moment. But I am just curious. Affiliate sites or something?

Photo credits: Pratik Panda.

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March 14, 2013


Very good! Congratulations!

March 13, 2013



March 13, 2013


Very good images, congrats!!!

March 11, 2013



March 11, 2013



March 11, 2013



March 10, 2013


Great, congratulations.

March 10, 2013


Congrats, probably taxes.

March 10, 2013



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