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First i would like to specify i am not a photographer with much experience and secondly i write this article only for those who do not have much experience.

Recently more people are complaining that upload limit has changed,rejected pictures reasons and many other things and i thought to tell you a little trick to be better for all .

I personally work much with models, people. The last photo shoot I did 400 pictures.Of the 400 pictures I chose 270 first time, first impression.When i started to edit,correct the photos i chose the best and i refer at pictures that is not identical one with other,people from picture to be symmetrical and the photo to represent exactly the theme i had in my mind....So, finally i staying with 115 pictures.

The next step was to upload them on the site.

I work in this way:If today i edited(corrected ) 7 photos...i upload them on site and i cant do much because usually i work a single photo in an hour or two ...or sometime more because i want to be perfect.Sometime i make mistakes when i edit a photo and the photo it is rejected,normally.But i can not work at more then 7-10 photos on day but i upload them in same day .

And i not have to many photos rejected,maybe 1,2/day,sometime and i try to keep my ratio percentage over 80.

So my opinion it is to chose the best photos. When you edit your photos be careful with adjustment ,lights, colors, shadows, backgrounds, remove logos, trademarks , open larger picture to 100 % and look carefully again and again to not forget something.

Remember that a picture good is not always that you like best, it is a picture that sells and you not know that before you upload on site.

Remember that inspectors are also people, and each is different, criteria to inspect a picture is different from person to person .

And the last thing that I would tell you is :not hurry with your photos.Your portfolio represents your work, your art and should to be the best. Beside that think in this way:If you have good photos you will make your buyers happy and they will back always to look and buy from your portfolio.

So not be upset because"today" you can upload 5-10 photos,"tomorrow" you will increase your uploads,your ratio percentage and of course your sales.

Here are few new photos just accepted,i wish you all a great day and many sales,Gabriel

Photo credits: Gabriel Blaj.

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Thank you Marilyn!


Very sound advice and some great shots!


Yes that's important too :) thank you


yeah, persistent & patient are also quite important. great shot!


cool stuff. I think you are right. It makes more sense to just pick the best ones. So often you see some that uploads tons of photos of a subject with only the slightest change of angles. When I professionally do a shoot for someone I let only them pick the best 10 photos to receive in high resolution or I would spend all my time converting and cleaning up images! Another stock photo website I belong to only lets us upload 15 a week!


Thank you Mayatairy and Amyemilia for comment


You are absolutely right!


Great images!
Keep on the good work :-)


Wow ,only 40... i can say you are maybe "strict" or "exacting" but not inefficient because you build-up a great portfolio ,wish you luck,Gabriel


100 out of 400 is a very good percentage ... I usually end up with 40 out of 400 ... but I am very inefficient :-)))


Great work. Nice portfolio. Quality trumps quantity any day. Best wishes.


Thank you all guys because readied my article and wish you luck with sales


Thank you for really honest opinion and for your very helpful suggestions. This is a great article. I really appreciate your work.


Good article! Great shot!


thanks for the article! great work! :)

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