My personal agenda in July

June was the second month of my uploading on DT, and I discovered some important things, which will help me (as I hope) to improve my presence here.

© Tanyae
First of all (and actually the most important) - there was a sharp reduction of my photos' views from the same beginning of the month. It was in spite of I kept on uploading new photos constantly. At the end of May I have 33 photos online, now there are 78 and 32 pending ones. For all 45 new files (78-33=45) there is only 4 views and 1 sale! It's a shock, because during the first month I have 447 views and 5 sales for 33 photos. For all that my keyword strategy did not change in this two months.

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In my opinion, the main reason of this phenomenon is in DT search strategy which tries to help new-newbies to show their images during the first month of presence on the stock. When the first month is over, your portfolio is searched and shown according it's exposure and size on common terms. Actually, I think it's right, and now I'm learning to promote my portfolio myself.

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It's because the second reason of my slump in views and sales (as I think) was that during all June I've only uploaded photos and neither posted in my blog nor developed collections, nor done smth else to attract smb's attention.

Many of the DT bloggers have already written a lot about self-promotion and different techniques to increase views and downloads. I appreciate all of you who was not be too lazy to write about your findings. Especially I'd like to thank:

- Aleksandar Horvat "Views, uploads, downloads... "

- Yulia Trunina "It seems I know..."

- Retina2020 "Getting Increased Portfolio Exposure for Newbies"

- Louise Roach "How to Use Dreamstime Image Collections"

© Tanyae
So, today I create my personal agenda in July. I hope it will produce some effect and bring back my portfolio to life :-)

Well, in July I will:

1. Keep uploading - no less than 100 new images online in this month (o:-)

2. Develop my collections - add my own and others' photos in current collections.

3. Upload Editorial Photos - no less than 10

4. Post constantly in blog - no less than 2 posts per week trying to give interesting and useful information for community

5. Develop my network, make comments, communicate with people, make favorite ones.

6. Take part in the DT assignment.

7. Promote DT on my web-site with banners and referral links.

8. Wait and hope.

Let's see the results at the 1st of August!

© Tanyae
And behind the agenda let's not forget about beautiful summer time! I illustrated the post with some colorful summer photos - relax and enjoy!

Photo credits: Tanyae.

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Thank you all, colleagues! Have a lucky July too!


Thanks for sharing and good luck with your goals :0)


Good luck with your goals!



good luck with your goals!! I'm sure you'll do great! :)


A-a, I see the matter, thank you!


They changed the algorithm of counting views. Only views from buyers count. Nothing wrong with your portfolio or keywords. This happened to everybody starting sometime in May.


Arghhh... i can't just pass over 30 uploads a month.. tried but no result yet :)
And 0 views You have as we all cause DT disabled the counter for not logged.

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