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Street fighter

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You can call me mad, but I truly do adore all living creatures, especially animals, I find it fascinating to observe life that surrounds us (outside the office of cause LOL)

But CATS, it's a whole different story; I think they are the most gracious creatures of all. Even when badly neglected or depressed by human, they always keep their queenysh looks and manners, either hunting or resting they do it all with an amazing grace.

Here are some of my run ups with street cats :-)

Beautiful street mama

Street cat

White trash

White trash

True love

Cat gaze

Photo credits: Mayatairy.
  • Mayatairy

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February 26, 2009

Cats are indeed awesome creatures. No wonder they were adored!


February 26, 2009

i adore the feline creature too. they are such dandies to the photographer.
in fact , during my first winter in my new city of Halifax, i was unfortunate enough to end up in a basement suite that was gloomy and depressive. however, much to my amusement, the windows had a view of the ground to the garden next door where the cats made their daily observance of the jays, chickadee, sparrows,etc.. with each snow storm, the scenery was almost magical and i got quite a selection of sets of cat and bird playing cat and mouse . the snow made an amazing background to it. i am now moved and living in a nice warm sunny apartment on the first floor. i don't miss the dreadful gloomy basement apartment, but i certainly miss my daily bird and cat adventures.


November 16, 2008

Thank you all for your responses :-)


October 14, 2008

so beautiful


July 08, 2008

i am looking for some nice photographer to make collections, travel photos, monuments, editorial or whatever. if you have any idea... because i am used to travel a lot it's always a pleasure to meet israeli people, i thank you for your comment on my blog. number 1 and 6 are my prefered cat pictures, great !


July 03, 2008

70sphotography - Oh my... thats an awful experience....


July 03, 2008

Very cute cats.
When I was a little child, I always slept with my dear cat.
Unfortunatly, it was accidentaly burned died by my father while we were moving to a new house.


July 03, 2008

Littlemacproductions - Good for you :-)


July 02, 2008

Cats are the closest thing to a monkey I will ever own. And I have 4 that belong to me and one that wants to!


July 02, 2008

Can73 - you should :-)

Although my photos does not include my cats, i think i should photo them as well :-)


July 02, 2008

Thank you Cmarshall717 and Icyimage for your comments :-)
Just for the record, both my spouse and my 10 years old daughter are allergic, so... it is hard... We have 4 cats living with us... this is quiet a challenge... we have 2 "cat free" rooms and anti allergic meds, windows are always wide open. The allergy stroke out of the blue, it was quite a shock, we all love cats, especially our cats, we adopted them at the very early age, there were very sick, 3 of them are crippled for life… so, we couldn't really give them away…
We had a dog for 15 yeas, which passed a way a few years ago… and 2 birds which fell out of their nest to early to survive, we took care of them during the critical stage until they flew safely back to nature.
so we are animal freaks LOL indeed :-)
There is quite a different between dogs and cat nature, but this is only due to their survival skills. When your cat feels save and live in good environment, they give back so much love and tender, just like dogs do :-)
So, please folks, let's be a true HUMAN, let's make life a bit easier on those who are in real need of our help and love.


July 02, 2008

Great pictures!I have three German shepherd dogs,perhaps I should make them some photo shoots~~


July 02, 2008

I'm allergic to cats, so I can't be around them long. But, I DO love them. I've seen some good cat pics, but yours are awesome!


July 02, 2008

Beautiful images, althouth I prefer dogs....I can't understand the cats and sometimes they are hypocritical....maybe I am not right, as i see you know them tell me if i wrong..I'd like to hear:)