My photo bank

As I am pondering whether going to total digital, I remembered my portable disk full of scanned photos from the last few years. It is a great fun digging out those photos and remembered the day and night spent in extreme weather sometime trying to get a good photo.

I would still take photos film or digital, but when I am at home I could always work on these saved photos. This is like savings in a bank. The only difference is that you always make deposits and the benefit is longer term, and the pool is always growing bigger. Apart from bringing back good old memories, they could bring some financial return in the long run.

Photo credits: Lightbrush701.

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I agree, as a late convert to digital, I must admit I have never looked back in terms of cost savings, I have definately got full value out of my digital SLR's.


I've started shooting digital about 3 years ago with a Canon Rebel XT/350D. At Christmas this year the price of the newest Rebel is about half of what I paid 3 years ago, but I have no regrets. With 3 years of use and close to 100,000s shutter clicks, the savings of not using film and developing cost far outweigh the initial cost of purchasing a digital SLR. I hope that helps. Cheers.

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