My photos in use #1

A few months ago, following a forum discussion, I have searched to find any of my photos in use on the WWW. Slightly disappointed at first, as I could only find two sites using my photos, in the time passed since then I found more, and now my list has 7 entries, with some sites using more than one photo. I am confident now that in the future, this list will grow bigger. I decided to present my current list here and try to convince the designer that use my photos to drop a line and I promise include their work in the next episodes of this kind of blogs.

The first find was this. I offered this image for the free section a few weeks before I have found it in use, so I do not know if the image was paid for or got for free, but this relatively easy find motivated me to spend a few more hours searching for others, with less results... Seems like I cannot provide the image's thumbnail if belongs to the free section... Anyhow, here is the link...

© Bogdan
The second one I have found it on some discussion forum... and it is my most downloaded image on dreamstime (left image).

© Bogdan
On the right, is a night shot of the new part of Imperial Palace in Vienna which I found to be featured in several websites created and maintained by w247 webdesign company like and There are several other photos of mine featured on their articles, and most of the pictures I think I have seen in Dreamstime's database, so it might be interesting for you (as a photographer) to check it out...

© Bogdan
From my travels in Budapest, I have also found one image of the famous Chain-Bridge (left) featured in an article about the city on Budapest Hotel Hungary. Here the credit line clearly features Dreamstime agency and my name.

© Bogdan
I have also found an image of my hometown, Timisoara (well, actually not my hometown, but my university city and where I have spent more than 7 years of my life up to now). My picture of Unirii Square is featured on the Romania Tourism web-page for US (the third photo as you scroll down).

Well, this is it for now... I hope I will be able to find more in the near future and make another post about the subject. If you are a designer and used one of my images for a webpage, please drop me a comment and I will include your site on the next blog-post about my photos in use...

Photo credits: Mihai-bogdan Lazar.

Your article must be written in English



Thanks a lot! I added the link to my bookmarks and will include it in the next blog-post about photos in use... Please let me know if you use any other images from my portfolio! Bogdan


I posted your picture here, on my "Rebuild Your Vision Blog".

Again, thanks for the picture, and I will be purchasing more from you,


Thanks, I will let you know when the post is up so you can see where your picture is.


There are not so many information in English about Semenic Mountain, but this might be useful: . You probably could not find anything on google cause the spelling is wrong (it is SEMENIC, not SEMENTIC). I am here for any other information that you might need. Kind regards, Bogdan



I love your picture - Sementic Mountains. I have a site for Vision improvement, I do special articles on beautiful places on this earth :)

Now, I have a silly question for you. (I always try to get information about the pics I post) I looked for these mountains, but cannot find any info. Is this the name of the mountain itself?

Thanks for sharing this pic in the free section. I will also put you in my favourite list for "buying your pics"



I was image that most of the downloads are used off-line in brochures, fliers, magazines, books etc... However, it is difficult for us to find them unless we are announced by the designers. Up to now, I was not able to spot any of my pictures used in an off-line publication, but I will be more than happy to find them... Thanks for the encouragement !


That's great that you were able to find some of your images on the web! Just remember, though, that even if we are unable to locate our images in use on the WWW doesn't mean that they aren't being seen by others. Many download images to be used in paper brochures and fliers, for magazines, and other media. The internet is only a fraction of the possibilities for an image's use. =)

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