Is my pizza really nice?

So far I have 10 uploads, 5 downloads!

Just wonder why these 5 downloads are all came from one image,

That is the Pizza(5 downloads, 111 views, level 2).

Is my pizza really nice?

Hope my other images can be downloaded as well :)

Photo credits: Annie Su Yee Yek.

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September 12, 2008


I've had some clients say "My pizza doesn't look like that." Funny thing, when I look for pictures of pizza, I try to find one that looks generic... different companies and cultures have their own way of making pizza. So the placement, the way the cheese is melted, even the ingredients make a difference. That is probably why your pizza is doing so well, it looks like it could be anyone's pizza. Congrats to you!

September 12, 2008


Not only is your pizza nice, it makes me hungry! Well done.

September 12, 2008


Oh... yes! It's a very nice photo!! Bye, Rob.

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