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Dear all,

As you are all aware of, keywording is a key part of microstock. It allows buyer to find the good picture. In other words: YOUR picture!

It is also very time-consuming for contributors.

I want to share with you the way I do my keywording in a little tutorial. To do so I will make an example.

Assume I want to keyword the following picture:

1 – Look at your picture and find three simple keywords that are very representative

example : wine, corks, isolated

2 – Make a search in DT with these three keywords

3 - Sort the picture buy most downloaded

You will certainly find pictures that are similar to yours. If not, you are in a very good way to make a big seller.

4 - Copy the keywords and paste them to your picture

5 – Quickly read and check/correct what you have just copied

6 – add the missing keyword

example : euro, cash, money, bank, banknote….


It takes me about 5 minutes to populated a full submission form.

I think that the advantages of this technic is that you will find keywords you would not have thought of AND words you do not even know!

Moreover most of your keywords would be from a good selling image (a one that buyers found!) so hopefully it will help yours to be found to. Yes I know that the photo is the most important part but I am sure that keywords is another. If you have a very good picture that is not found, it will not be sold. But a middle level image that is easily found will sell!

I want to precise that I am not a native English speaker (I am French). By the way, I can improve my English vocabulary thanks to Dreamstime! :-p

I am not among the best sellers (far away in fact). I am trying to improve and wants to learn. So you are more than welcome to let me know what you think of my technics. What is yours?

How many times does it take you to fill a submission form?

What do you think about my technics? You are more than welcome to give me your feeling.

Photo credits: Astormfr.

Your article must be written in English

July 22, 2014


I believe that your ideea is a good one. It is not illegal to get inspired!

In the end, you will still add your own words that better describe your pic.

December 12, 2013


I would:

1) Write down a list of my own words
2) Use a thesaurus to expand on it
3) Use Google Keyword checker for search volume

Probably quite a bit of work for each image but by being original you will most definitely find new opportunities.

August 27, 2013


Dreamstime does not allow such practice and you should not recommend other users to do this. It is true that you can check the image info of other images and use as model in case you do not know how to keyword but copying word for word is not allowed. This usually results in spam.

August 25, 2013


Jdanne, you are absolutly true. The Check en correction is very important!

Martingraf, I understand your wife if your are not a good portrait photographier :-)

August 25, 2013


You should emphasize

5 – Quickly read and check/correct what you have just copied

Some users just copy keywords of similar images BUT DON'T check them. For example: I tag all my photos with my user name "jdanne". Surprisingly searching for "jdanne" will find more photos than the size of my portfolio. It's so easy to check keywords with an online dictionary but obviously some members are too lazy to do it.

August 25, 2013


Astormfr: Is she also a model for you?

I did try, but I'm not so good in taking photos of people - that's not really my thing :(

August 24, 2013


Martingraf : "I have a fantastic keywording service: my wife :)"
Lucky you!

Is she also a model for you?

August 24, 2013


Why not?Not bad!:)Good luck in sales!

August 23, 2013


Good words, will have a good search ...

August 23, 2013


true - and many of us probably did it at some stage of their DT 'carier' - I have it even better - I have a fantastic keywording service: my wife :)

August 23, 2013


I agree with you it is copying. But, common, it is not illegal.
Lets say I have the same keyword as another photo, the potential buyer will find both pictures. At the end he is the only one that will choose to buy or not.

In addition I must admit that I use a web dictionary that give me many words

August 23, 2013


I reckon it's ok to get some ideas what others are using as keywords, but just copying them is not really fair. I think you can improve your English vocubular even more when looking the words up in a dictionary.

August 23, 2013


I think its smart thinking but hard on those you copy from ! But on reflection people get inspiration from other people's images.

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