My rant!

I've been trying to find an image for a marketing project I am undertaking for a client that does bridging loans. I need an image that reflects the fact that bridging loans... bridge the gap between selling your home and acquiring a mortgage. I have trawled through about twenty five pages and the best I have come up with is a jigsaw puzzle with a piece missing.

© Nniud

The lack of inspiration I was experiencing lead me to the realisation that I (and I guess many others) have become too reliant on search boxes providing the answers. We have forgotten to use our inner creativity to conceptually dream up our perfect image and then to source the elements (images, graphics) needed to recreate them. It's an irony that the introduction of tools that are supposed to make our jobs easier, are also the things that make our creative minds more lazy and our concepts more banal.

Well that's my rant for the day.

Photo credits: Nniud.

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November 08, 2009


Hi Andrew - I do hope you find an image that suits your requirements. I suspect that most images are designed from a generalist perspective - we want them to fit as many concepts as possible, rather than be designed for a specific concept as that might limit potential sales. Your request will no doubt motivate several "bridging loan" images, I'm already thinking about what sort of images would convey the concept of a "bridging loan"......

November 07, 2009


I can see the complexity of what you need. It's difficult enough to explain a simple mortgage to a new home buyer, let alone a bridging loan. But I think you are probably on the right track. You just need something that will represent a house as well. I found this photo, not mine, that may work for you.

hmmm, the photo doesn't seem to appear. Here is the direct link instead then

November 07, 2009


This is an interesting perspective from a buyer - as contributors we are allowed to keyword for the content of the image, not concepts. So 'diet' for a shot of an apple would be considered inappropriate. This is great when the buyer has their concept in mind already, but doesn't help in situations like this...

November 06, 2009

This person has some that may work
Good luck Debbie

November 06, 2009


Well that will stimulate the minds of those who have an interest in financial / banking topics; I don't promise anything but I will try to come up with a concept image. David.
PS I wish more folk would present challenges.

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