My Road to $200 per month

Today I've finally reached a milestone I thought I would never reach. Over $200 a month in April with this photo, yeah!!!

I couldn't be happier. If it wasn't for all the wonderful and helpful people in DT who share their experiences via blogs and messages, I don't think I would have achieved this. I've learned a lot over the years. So I thought it might be helpful to share my path to this achievement to help others. I've compiled my achievement blogs below and the time in which it was achieved.

I hope this will give others motivation and help them with their road to whatever their individual achievement goals are.


Joined DT: October 29, 2007

First Accepted Assignment Entry: February, 2008

First Payout: April, 2008

First Extended License Sale: June 2008

First Photo Found on the Internet: August 2008

First Month Being Exclusive to DT: Oct 2008

First photo on DT's Main Page: March 2009

First Assignment Achievement (Second Place): May 2009

200 uploads: June 2009

First $100 Month: June 2009

1000 sales: December 2009

$2000 in Total Sales: February 2010

First $200 Month: April 2010

Photo credits: Retina2020.

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Insanely good :)
Well done!


Hey John. I'm glad this blog helps. The key is to put in some work, and the returns will slowly and consistently come. Check out my other blogs in my profile, I think they will help.


I want to congratulate you. I would also like to tell you what an inspiration you are to me. I am aiming to supplement my retirement income with stock so I can save the retirement check.. You have given me hope.


That is very encouraging. I hope i can do as well as you.


congradulations lucky you I am jelous :) but definately gives hope lovely portfolio


Congratulations!! ^!^


Thanks David. I've been very selective in what I upload here. My photos are either very generic so they can be used in multiple instances or very iconic so hopefully designers are looking for them.


Your portfolio has relatively few images so the quality must be the factor which controls sales !!!!!!! very well done ! David.


Thanks for the comment. I hope this blog will encourage those of us with small portfolios that it is possible to get consistent sales. Read my small portfolio, BIG RETURNS!! Blog.


It is quite impressive with such a small portofolio!
congratulations for all your work!


Wow 6 downloads per image. Excellent result and well deserved. Congratulations!!!


Hey Billysiew. I took me over a year to decide to become exclusive. My main reasoning for going exclusive instead of uploading to multiple sites is that the amount of work to upload to other sites didn't make sense with my small portfolio size. But being exclusive here gives me better exposure in the search engine, revenue per upload, and larger percent return per sale without any additional work. Remember if you become exclusive, you get the upload bonus back for every photo online at the moment but unfortunately not for the sales that you have already made. You can read my 1st month of being exclusive blog I hope that helps.


Just noticed you are an exclusive contributor. I am still struggling!


I'm glad people find this blog useful. I've always found DT blogs
useful in learning and growing the skills and art of microstock photography. Again thanks everyone for your gracious comments.


Very impressive


Impressive results, thanks for sharing as seeing what others achieve always make our goals seem less imposible to achieve! And a big congratulation to you!


thats awesome! It's great to see your time line.


Well done! Congratulations!




This is my goal also! I almost reach there..:) Your RPD must be higher than me! Well done!


Impressive - congrats!


Congratulations! You had a great path rich of success and you reached important milestones in very few time: good work ;)


Congrats. I believe that you can produce more images and you can make more than 200.


Artaniss8, the hardest milestone was reaching the first payout. Afterwards, every month became better and better.


How do you feel it was to reach this milestone? Did it felt easy, or hard.. or you name it?


Wow! That's great! Keep doing it!


And that too all this within 2.5 years.


Thanks Everyone. One thing I've learned that really help boost sales and exposure is assignment files. So I definitely encourage participation in Monthly assignments. Enrique: You have a perfect photo for this month's assignment: Your hydroponics photos. Definitely you should try submitting to this month's assignment.


You have a really impressive sales / uploads ratio and RPD


Congratulations! Thanx for sharing!

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