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Mihaela Nechifor wrote great post about blogging. And I wanted to add a selection of blogs I read about photography.

I mainly blog because I read blogs. The more blogs I read the more I blog. No wonder it is time consuming since both reading and writing take times. But there are some technologies that help a lot reading fast. For instance RSS feeds. With RSS no need to visit the web site to read what's new. Updates comes directly to your reader. I started with My yahoo and google reader, but now I use Netvibes.

In my feeds about photography there is not only blogs, but also


Silhouette of Teen with Digital Video Player

For French speakers Declencheur

For those learning French there is French Podclass

In English exif and beyond


Then there are photos from Flickr. Flickr is great to produce RSS feeds, just by photographer or by keyword for instance I follow Smile.

Then it is about blogging, Blogs:

Some blogs are about photography and tech like:

Digital Photography

from photographers like:



Alex Slyadnev

Thomas Hawk

Photography business

Some about general Microstock news:




Some about Business:

Paul Melcher

Dan Heller

I will add more links to this list as I find other things that is worth sharing.

So what is in your RSS feeds? Which blogs do you read?

Photo credits: , Photoeuphoria, Saniphoto.
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July 23, 2007

Thank you Mihaela, I did not use RSS untill now, but thanks to your links I will use it in future. I just needed someone to explain it to me. Thanks again, Franz


July 19, 2007

Yes, the RSS is an extremely handy tool. You have quite a few blogs in the feeder and they are probably time consumer, but it would probably take you forever to check them all regularly without RSS.