My second illustration selected - Dreamstime

Wow ... this month achieved to be accepted two of my illustrations for the "Security and protection" assignment!

Thanks DT

Continuing with the idea that humor is an excellent weapon for the dissemination of concepts... i worked on this illustration.

It's night and a person carrying a briefcase is approaching the door of the house.

It's a bad person? He's a thief? Think commit any wrongdoing?

Or is it just ... a vendor? a friend of the family who comes to visit? a neighbor who wants to ask a question? a simple pedestrian?

The perfect and complete security system is not interested in the answer!

Alarms are activated. Light reflectors. Remote surveillance cameras focus the suspect.

The guard dog barks angry and threatening.

Cannons pointing from the open door. An hand armed with a pistol peeking out from the bars of the window. An armed guard to war, pointing from the first floor.

In the garden we see the warning sign: Minefield

The thief will have no chance!!!

Photo credits: Fantasyart.

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May 21, 2013


It is very funny! I think it will sell very well.

May 21, 2013


congratulation!!! Great work!

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