'When my ship comes in '.

Many families owned a small share of ocean going sailing vessels. Merchants owned most of the shares but friends and family, farmers and labourers owned a small portion. The practice was to sell 64 shares for a ship's construction. This entitled one to 1/64 of the money made when the ship and cargo was sold at the end of its journey. Thus the expression ' when my ship comes in ' is still used today by people looking forward to the time when a gamble or investment pays off and makes them wealthy. There is something about boats and ships which attracts me to them as a subject for photography.

This image is of a fishing boat returning to Staithes harbour with its catch and I love the red boat and the color of the cottages and their roofs in this famous small port. Another colourful example from the DT collection is of a boat pulled up onto a sandy beach.

Recently a 67 year old steam driven ' Puffer ', VIC 32 visited Inverness to pick up a party of holiday-makers. I managed to catch it on a voyage into Moray Firth when it carried the party on a dolphin spotting expedition.

I had previously tried unsuccessfully to capture a good image of the Kessock Bridge but this time the red funnel of VIC 32 got the images accepted.

The boat next day set off for Loch Ness down the Caledonian Canal and I was ready with tripod and camera to catch it as it steamed almost silently towards Dochgarroch lock.

After tweaking one of these images in Photoshop both were accepted. Only editorial submissions would do as there were so many recognizable faces on the boat.

The boat VIC 32 adds color to the Canal and this part of Scotland is an important tourist attraction and it has a web site www.savethepuffer.co.uk Holidays aboard can be booked online.

A posting is never complete without a search on Dreamstime for other images of boats to compliment the story, so here are just a few.

© Bene07
of a steam boat, and of a paddle boat. Images of an ' old tug boat, old sailing ship and a fishing boat follow.

© Bene07

In conclusion may I hope that ' the ship will come in ' for other DT members.

Photo credits: Paul Benefield, David Watmough, Stefan Dumitru, Jan Kranendonk, Vasile Szakacs, Alistair Scott, Abdul Sami Haqqani.

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September 27, 2010


Great pictures and info. I'm sailing and I adore the sea!

September 25, 2010


You wanted to be a sailor might....

September 25, 2010


Great blog. love ur portfolio.

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