That is my situation.

How does it feel like to be a poor man standing in a corner where once in a way some one throws in a coin in your cup.

That is my situation.

Imagine me sitting in a shop with just six photographs hanging on the wall for the last two months (2 months and two days to be exact) and during this period one passer by picks up a copy of my photograph. Now I am still sitting in my shop and no one is even glancing at my shop. I feel sad and depressed as time ticked by

Why is no one approaching me? Does my frustration show on my face? No, actually they can’t see me as I am a virtual person hiding behind a curtain.

Then some one in a red cap told me “hey why don’t you put up some more pictures? Just six is not going to attract any attention”

How do I tell them “look here, I am trying to hang more pictures but the ones I am trying to hang are not up to the world class standards and they keep falling off the wall”

Frankly speaking, all the pictures that are hanging on my wall are from compact cameras

(3.1MP) and I am surprised that my pictures are trying to compete with the ones with12.7 MP and 15.9 MP or maybe 33 when it comes to vectors.

So I have decided to go for a slightly higher range, not a costly one but a decent one. That will give me some scope to crop and make it look presentable.

Meanwhile I have to brush up my Photoshop skills (am still to understand the term “tweaking”) For me tweaking is something what happened to me in second standard when my teacher caught my ear

The reason that I wrote the above blog is to demonstrate how people will be picking up your pictures/Vectors. They will have something in mind and then type out the key words, and then go on searching till the appropriate picture is found.

For example Tweaking ear showed nil results

I tried all sorts of combination till I typed painful ear and came up with this one above.

It took me about 20 mts to write the text, but it took me more than two hours to find the matching pictures.

And finally I did some rewriting so that my text matched the pictures.

But mind you, everyone out there is not going to rewrite their script.

So lets all upload some good pictures which is something different than the ones we already have.

By the way out of the six, one is Free and that has been picked up 15 times !!!!

As for now I will go back to my shop and keep a watch for more customers

© Reichi

Photo credits: Ademdemir, Davi Sales, Alain Lacroix, Italianestro, Kentannenbaum, Molotok007, Christian Reichenauer.

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June 23, 2010


It's been a steep learning curve for me and it still is, more than ever! I really thought I sucked until I read one of the comments in here. I posted two pictures in 2005 and sold two of the same pic. I did not realize I had four dollars in my account until four years later! Mind youthe competition was not so stiff in those days, but still...Then I tried again and sold nothing, and suffered countless rejections. I let things go for a while, until out of the blue, I saw I had fourteen dollars in my account. I thought it was a mistake. I sold a picture of New Orleans in the highest resolution. That small victory was encouraging... and I managed to have one picture out of two accepted. So my aim is to submit successfully, selling is a some way off. I found it useful to check similar pictures to what I am planning to submit and compare the quality and also study the demand. I learn from other people and get inspired by them. I also look at the keywords people use. All I know is this. I am a lot more fussy and set myself higher standards. So it may feel as though I am going backwards, but really, it is just that I am placing more demands on myself. Anyway, that is my ramble for today.

June 23, 2010


Hey, thanks for including my pic of mom twisting the kid's ear! That's, of course, my wife & kid!
I've been shooting a long takes a long easy answer except more and better photos. The camera does matter but the purity of the message matters more. I use a Nikon D200 and Canon G9 and both do the job. DT is more forgiving than other companies and they're smart to be that way. It's a good and fair organization. Microstock is VERY hard to produce heavy revenue...and ONLY after uploading decent work. I have about 500 unique images here. I work toward perfecting one or two images from a single concept and don't upload many similars. Hope this is useful. Seeya!

June 21, 2010


I don't have many photos uploaded, but one thing I'm finding is that when I take a photo, I think to myself: what would this picture sell? I find that I'm more critical and not just taking snapshots. If I'm taking a picture of a cafe, what could that be used for? I try to think like that for everything. I don't know how much it's helped, but for me, I think it has. Good luck and don't give up.

June 21, 2010


I started my journey here around an year ago,didn't really know how to take "stock oriented" photos,never studied photography or get to buy expensive lenses or have a studio,but I enjoy what I'm doing,so when I get I bring my camera and go shoot.
I also read lots of books to understand this world a bit what can I say: go on and try again!

June 21, 2010


Don't give up, just try to find new ideas, shoot, upload and many sales will come! Equipment can make your work easier, but creativity is the best instrument! Good luck!

June 20, 2010


I don't have a studio, expensive lighting equipment, or access to beautiful models who will work for free.

I guess that means I will have to give up and quit stock!

You have more number of sales than the count of your uploaded photos and you're telling us you will quit.? NO. Don't quit. Don't give up. It's not a matter of that high end & expensive equipments. It is YOU. Me? Still more REJECTIONS & still going. Cheer up !!!

June 20, 2010


But please! you have only uploaded 6 images, I did not make any sale till I had 20 or so images on DT, please don´t give up and upload a lot more images and you will see the sales, I think your images are very much OK!

June 20, 2010


Come on, you shouldn't despair. When I started here I also had the 3MP cam!

June 20, 2010


Never give up. Try illustrations. You can write a blog and browse internet, that means you have a computer. Maybe you are drawings creative. You never know until you try. And the illustrations are selling better than pictures. You should try. Good luck.
If is anything to help, don't hesitate to ask.

June 19, 2010


I don't have a studio, expensive lighting equipment, or access to beautiful models who will work for free.

I guess that means I will have to give up and quit stock!

June 19, 2010


True. You have great pics, but you will need some more. And you 'll sell. Just don't give up. Good luck.

June 19, 2010


I also agree with Thanatonautii, originality is what give us the opportunity to sell images, also we all have opportunities to photograph and sell images of our common life, I carry my camera all the time, and picture some things that I think will let me have sells, for example last year I had the opportunity to make a trip and for the first time I took my common family pictures and also a whole bunch of pictures to sell. So don't be sad, what you wrote is a great opportunity to look and find images.

June 19, 2010


Thanatonautii is absolutely right - most of my downloads are "small" so don't let that put you off - just keep uploading original images! Why not do a tweaking ear one as you found the database is lacking in that respect?

June 19, 2010


It`s pretty sad what you are talking about, but I know that this is life and we have to take it like this! I`ve told you a couple of times that you have a great portfolio and you should upload some more. But now I understand!
But still you should forget about pixels and other stuff, because that does not matter. What it matters is the originality. As far as I have seen most of the people download only small resolution pictures, so, a 3 MP will do the job!
Anyway I`m supporting you and trust me that you have great pictures so far!
Cheer up and start the work!

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