My slight stock disappointment

Different green leaves isolated on white background

Send this picture I was sure that photo will be accepted in "Editors' choice". But my expectations were not met! For this picture I used 34 photos. And to make these 34 photos I photographed about 800 rough pictures...

The photo shows the leaves of 34 species of plants.

In the picture presented leaves of the trees, herbs, weeds and garden plants.

List of plants whose leaves are in the photo:

- Oak

- Alder Buckthorn

- Thistle

- Leucanthemum vulgare

- Motherwort

- Crested late-summer mint

- Nodding thistle

- Impatiens glandulifera

- Field bindweed

- Roughleaf Dogwood

- Gooseberry

- Plum

- Stinging nettle

- currant

- strawberry

- Smooth hydrangea

- Geranium

- aspen

- Common Hazel

- Wild Cucumber

- Great willowherb

- Rudbeckia laciniata

- Common Skullcap

- calendula

- Lychnis flos-cuculi

- Greater celandine

- Tobacco

- Topinambour

- Tomatillo

Yellowing leaf stage

My expectations were not met. My photo are not is the choice of editors. But, I am sure that everyone Stoker has a story slight disappointment)

Photo credits: Kazakovmaksim.

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i think its a job well done and will have a lot of sales!~ I love leaves!


I agree with Msalena: "Just remeber, that Editor's Choice is just a subjective opinion :) Good luck and stay optimistic!" Keep up! Sales will come. Just don't stop! Good luck and thank you for sharing!


Nice work, it really shows your efforts. Wishing your long hours of work will bring you many, many sales!


Personally I think it's a great informative photo, no to speak about the effort and time put into it. I am sure, it will have successful sales even without being an Editor's Choice. Just remeber, that Editor's Choice is just a subjective opinion :) Good luck and stay optimistic! It's nice to know that your effort is valued and appreciated, but photography for us is first of all to express ourselves... At least for me. All the rest we should take as a ... bonus :) I think so...

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