Is my statistics graphic reversed? Or...

…am I becoming a better photographer?

It's a few months I see accepted photos are more than rejected ones, and the trend is going up.

I still have a small portfolio and a few sales, but that was my main goal: learning and improving my technique. I'm sure more sales will come in the future.

I have started with kit lens and basic knowledge. Thanks to other fellow photographers here on DT, and even thanks to rejections, I have been able to get a better equipment, new ideas, more knowledge. In a few words, better photographs.

I still have a lot to learn, still curious about this world. I know the way is steep, but I'm a happy camper nonetheless. :)

Have a nice day all.

Photo credits: Rosario Manzo.

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It seems youve learn a little. Keep going as you're doing a great job so far
As for me a few approved a a lot rejected. Seems i'm on a slower track than you.
But good luck in the futher and may you have plenty of sales.


Thank you everyone for the kind comments and encouragement.


you are doing well, keep shooting and uploading. as for me I used various social medias such as pinterest, facebook page, tweeter, 500 px and flicker to increase my portfolio exposure online.


Keep working, you are doing perfect!!


congratulations, just keep shooting and uploading images, and sales will come, believe me. I also have a small portfolio and no high expectations, so I am satisfied with my sales. I just need to upload more.


You are doing great, keep it up.


You have some great ones,Its all a learning experience you are on the right track good luck

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