My Story, 1 year, 400 on line, 150 sales

My microstock story started a year ago, I suppose one could argue that it started when I first picked up a camera, but for this story a year ago was when I opened an account with Dreamstime. I started my journey, just as this baby goat is starting life, not knowing what was in store or where it would lead me. I still do not know ultimately where it will lead, but I have learned over the past year, that I do have the ability to create images that are not only useful as stock, but as art too.

As my journey started, I had to overcome fear. Can I really do this? Is my eye good enough? Will people like my work enough to buy it? Can I get my images accepted? There are so many questions that I faced as I started my microstock journey. Forty-five out of my first forty-seven images were rejected. . The two that were accepted however, gave me enough hope that I continued on.

I looked danger in the face. I read blogs and I read the forums. I tried to understand why images were rejected. I emailed reviewers for advice. I read more about composition and lighting. I payed attention to techniques that others may be using and most importantly, I kept uploading ... and uploading ... and uploading. Steadily, my acceptance percentage started to increase and then a sale or two trickled in. Who remembers how exciting that first sale was? I did not care it was for a few mere cents, I was excited because it was validation of my work! I called my wife, I called my daughter, I told anyone that would listen about my sale. To this day I still get excited about a sale (although my reaction is toned down somewhat).

So a year later here I sit, over 400 images on line, 150 sales, and a couple hundred MB of photos on my hard drive that need processing. I now know how to create a stock photo. Dreamstime has really had me in a training program for the last year and I have tried to be a good student. I do not expect to become rich from selling microstock. I expect to continue doing something I love and make enough cash for that next lens, for that next camera body, or maybe even a vacation one day. Obviously I do not do this for the money because on an hourly rate I would be making only cents per hour. I do this because I am a photographer. I look to the future hoping to capture more concepts, more ideas, more moments that bring me some satisfaction and hopefully helps some buyers communicate their message. I look to the horizon and there is guiding light I am at peace.

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July 26, 2012


I like your story and cobgratulation for great result.

July 24, 2012


Your story inspired me, think you.

July 10, 2012


Great story, thank you for sharing. I remember my first sale too - my first ever stock sale which happened on DT, for 35 cents. I shouted: "I sold a photo! Mummy sold a photo!" (to my husband and my daughters). My husband got 35 cents from our American friends, stuck them on a board, framed them for me in an oak frame and hang that picture on a wall in our living room - for everybody to admire! I think everybody should do the same :-) Every time I look at that I feel proud. Wish you all the best!

July 10, 2012


yeah - good work I must say - congratulations to your journey with DT- I had only half as much after one year, so I think I know a bit about what you went through to be where you are now ;)

July 05, 2012



July 04, 2012


I can totally totally relate to every word of your story!! I LOVED IT....all the words, lessons, emotions, experiences, hope, and expectation of it all!! Great photos, and I am learning lots from your vision and captures. Can't wait to see more from you.

July 03, 2012


Congratulations on the result reached in this time!

July 02, 2012


Wow, you're doing great.

July 02, 2012


403 uploads from a standing start and 150 sales is 12 months ............ the sky is now the limit. David.

June 30, 2012



June 29, 2012


you have showed to be very tough!

June 29, 2012


Enjoyed your story very much and i am sure most if not all can relate to what you have said. :)

June 29, 2012


I like very much what you've written. Congratuations!

June 28, 2012



June 28, 2012


A great story about your DT photography experience. Thanks for telling us about it !

June 28, 2012


i can relate! Thanks for sharing your heart. I think we all do it for the love of it, not the pennies!

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