My story at Dreamstime or how to became a better stock photographer - 2


subtitle: Learn and accept rejections as a tool for growth

I decided to consider my first year at Dreamstime as a 'learning year'. During this time I uploaded tons of images and illustrations, trying to cover my favorite topics at first: technology-computers, industry, conceptual, business-money.

I had my amount of rejections, as I think must be for all photographers that are new to the business of stock photography.

In a few months I reached the 'milestone' of 500 photos accepted. I didn't care too much at the time about acceptance ratio (I will talk later about the importance of that) and in fact it was floating from 90% one month to 40% of the following one.

My strategy was simple and somehow brutal, it followed the assumption that more photos=more downloads. (hint: the true rule is in fact more GOOD photos=more sales!)

Another thing I was learning quite soon is that reviewers are human beings. As such, they are subject to failure as well as we photographers. That means that sometimes (but just sometimes!) some image can be refused mistakenly. But mostly they are refused for very sound reason. Believe me. You must learn to accept this simple fact and your life will be easier! :-)

I know in forums abound discussions about the refused images

and reviewers 'badness' and so on... my final answer to all the fuss is to (metaphorically!) put the head down and take photos.

Then take more photos and then again take more photos. In this way you'll improve your skills. Someone really famous once said that, I think... .-)

Here are three images that illustrate my favourite subjects:

Photo credits: Saniphoto.

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