My story at Dreamstime or how to became a better stock photographer - 4


subtitle: more submission tactics

This time I want to add something again about the submission of images, that is maybe the most important subjects for who want to be a better stock photographer in the microstock era.

I have already explained in last article one my small 'tactic' (better should be called a 'system') to try to reduce rejections and to be sure to submit something fresh and/or new.

Today I want to add what I consider another good system to add to this list of 'tricks', that is quite related to the previous one. It consist in finding through searches (I will never stress enough how this is one of the greatest tool to use!) what subjects are less covered.

Let's say you would imagine to submit images of an ant. You would search Dreamstime and see how many images there are of ants. I did it for you and the result is 523 images of ants. This would say that is a topic well covered so you'd have to be original and creative if you want that your image is accepted and then possibly bought.

If you look better at the results of the search on 'ant' you can see also that the best downloaded images have some good number of downloads (I consider a good number over 15, but that is only my call). It signify that maybe a good image of ant, with a touch of originality could get downloads. It could be worth a try, at least.

I hope this example have helped you to grasp the concept. So remember always:

1- search if your image has a good chance to be accepted (not too many images already on sale and your above average in creativity and quality)

2- study the search results to see if it has also selling potential. Because is certainly good to have images accepted (is the first step to excellence), but then must follow sales! :-)

Photo credits: Konradlew.

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