My story at Dreamstime or how to became a better stock photographer


subtitle: how I discovered the promised land

I think the title pretty explain itself. In these articles I will be telling you my personal experience at Dreamstime, in the hope to be of help for some newcomer. In the next parts I will explain my direct experience and how I get to know Dreamstime, when and why I joined, how I managed to become better, my submissions 'tactics', my developments as photographer, what I have learnt since my start, my aims and much more.

Well, enough with introduction, now lets' begin!

It was September 2005. I was reading a copy of Computer Arts magazine and noticed those Royalty free images on the cd attached. It said they were donated by a company named Dreamstime.

Some days after, I decided to see on internet this website. Useless to say I was stupefied by the quality of images on sale.

I made a promise to myself to return soon and give a more thorough look at the site and consider if I should join.

My main occupation at the time was to provide digital illustrations-images for the covers of book publishers in Prague (mostly science fiction), but I wanted to return to photography (that I have done for 20 years, now) more seriously.

It was only in February 2006 that I finally I got back to the website and signed up to join. After submitting my first two images-digital collages (here the very first)

that were both accepted, with my surprise sales started within hours! Wow. I felt immediately that this was something worth to try seriously. And I recall that I almost cursed myself to have lost all that time since September, when first I found about Dreamstime!

The next day I was already pulling out all the images I had in my archive and select the ones I considered worth to submit. There were lots of digital illustrations, backgrounds, photo-collages. At the time I had few photographs of the kind to be submitted at a stock agency. Now I submit almost just photographs.

Photo credits: Saniphoto.

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August 11, 2007


well done and great portfolio i think your tactics will be useful.
thanks for helping the newcomers

August 10, 2007


Great story! Waiting for next one...

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