My story at Dreamstime or how to became a better stock photographer - 5


subtitle: where I am now. You can do it too!

This 2007 year is particularly fruitful for me at Dreamstime, because I have found my way to better manage the digital work-flow, nicely increasing acceptance ratio, sales and my personal satisfaction. Ergo my Ego! :-)

My stats tell today that I'm at 1185 images approved, and my next aim is to reach 2000 images approved. It will take some months, because as said previously, I submit less images now. Sales are satisfactory (well above the ones of last year, comparing month to month), but I want to reach a monthly earning of at least 500 dollars and that will require another year, in my esteems.

My skills (at evaluating images, at understanding what is worth to

send and what not) are greatly improved thanks to Dreamstime and the tools that are there at disposal of everybody.

Here I recapitulate briefly what I consider the main points for becoming better stock photographer:

1- Of course, take good photos! :-) That's the first and unavoidable step.

2- Choose carefully what images are worth to submit according to the usual quality standard (noise, artifacts, focus, sharpness, and so on...)

3- Submit after having made some search at the site. You can learn great things from searches.

4- Learn from the top photographers. I always study their images and try to notice and grasp the reasons why they are successful.

5- Related to above. Study the most downloaded images of every category. You'll learn something.

Now, I give you another small system I use to improve myself: I use to collect ALL of the images that catch my eye. I really put them on a folder (when digital, found in internet) or in a box (when cut out from magazines) and built a personal archive of stunning images of the kind I like and admire (mostly highly creative and conceptual). The reason of this is obviously not for to copy them! The system consist in going through these images with regularity, because your mind in a while will be following similar visual paths and by consequence you will also start to create something of the kind.

Of course I myself I'm in the development phase of my skills and learning curve. So is possible that next year I'll start another series based on what else I'll have learn in meantime.

That's all for now, I hope you have enjoyed this reading and I want to wish to you all to have the same great improvement of your knowledge and skills in stock photography, as it was for me!

© Rjmiz

Photo credits: Anthony Furgison, Saniphoto, Starblue.

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August 28, 2007


Thanks for all the advice my friend.

August 27, 2007


Very good advice and great story. Thanks for sharing!

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