My story on: How I started in stock photography

It is a while since I was planning to write a blog about how I got started in stock photography. I will write here kind of an introduction or resume and then I will kindly ask you to follow the link where you will see entire history in much details.

It all started at least 5 6 years ago when a friend of mine told me about 'selling pictures on internet'. It was a great idea and very interesting. Excuse me? Somebody will buy my images? It was like a nice joke.

I started to dig in about this new concept of stock. I was not an expert in photography. It was just my hobby. My friends always kept encouraging me telling how nice images I was doing. But it was images of summer camps or general meetings, events and so on. So after I have seen what kind of images are required I started to select from my archive to submit. Of course it was a bad approach, no image approved. I was disappointed. But did not gave up. Years past away, in the while got new equipment and few words about what you will find in the link bellow is I started and succeeded in travel photography. It is a temporary category I want to continue until I will change to another one.

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Photo credits: Adrian Alexa.

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I'll drink for "I was disappointed..." I met him last year, but past over him and i'm still uploading and drinking:))
Cheers and good luck


thank you Lenuta :) Today I have just been amazed for one download. One that I waited 3 months :P I got only 26 cents but this enjoyed me :)


Don't stop , Adrian! Keep uploading! Good luck!!!


thank you. unfortunately for the moment on DT I did not had a sell for a long time. Probably travel photography is not so welcomed or it could be also tagging. I still wait for better moments :)


I guess many of us kind of start the same way. You have great images.


yes Martingraf, thanks for your reply. I try to keep it though as you are 'in' you are having another kind of view. Like, 'Oh, I don't want those people in my image' and so on :) And indeed is important to maintain it as a hobby so having fun and relax ;) thank you.


read it all - thanks for sharing :) - only one thing I would like to say: make sure you keep having fun taking photos - otherwise it's no hobby anymore....

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