My story (in pictures)

lately I have always something altered, repainted...

Virtue like a squirrel in a cage...

but my house is located in the downtown area.

...though my apartment is still unfinished.

I think that it should be insured. Suddenly, something happens!.

I have a dog.

... and my girlfriend

Previously, she was like this >>>

Sometimes I write her a letter...

...and give her some flowers

And recently we went on a cruise...

...on a huge ocean liner

I drank hot chocolate...

... and she - whiskey

so we slipped a little off course...

life - a strange thing

my girlfriend drives a car badly...

...but she never violate traffic regulations! Believe me)))

I often do chores around the house...

Are you surprised?

Listen, if I get fired,

I am selling my Oscar

and I cure this animal!

do you think is a bad idea?

No no no! This IS a bad idea!

Well, it's time to say goodbye

I wish you all the love, luck and prosperity!

Regards, Piscari.

Photo credits: Piscari.

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March 17, 2010


THANK YOU ALL for your comments. The idea of this post is this: think of the story using a variety of pictures. Unexpectedly for me was that by combining pictures, you can generate creative solutions. Try! This is a game!

March 17, 2010


Great creativity, congrats!!!

March 15, 2010


nice presentation, I like your images, they are very useful.

March 15, 2010


Funny I like girfriend in past.LOL

March 15, 2010


great presentation...good luck on the sales! :)

March 15, 2010


Funny!!! Especially your girlfriend in past )) Congrats with successful transformation!!

March 15, 2010


woah, funny! :-) Great pix too!

March 15, 2010


Nice pictures, congrats.

March 15, 2010


A lot of photos! Congrats!

March 14, 2010


Cute! And very entertaining! :-)

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