My studio finaly:)

Here are some photos created in my brand new studio:

New creative oportunities are open for me now and im so exciting. Im open for tips and good or bad feedback. Thank you all

Photo credits: , Silent 47 Images.

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Great work, Good luck with your new studio!


Have fun with your new studio :) I loved the results and they will bring you more sales for sure. Good luck


Here are some new images with some of your advices in mind:

   Grumpy girl   
   Spooky monster   
   Where is my gift   
   Day dreaming   
   Thinking at a Letter to santa   
   Give my children   
   I watch you   


Congrats and good pics


Thank you all


Congratulations! Good work! Keep it up!


Your images are amazing, good luck.




Good work!Congratulations!


Best of luck with the new studio setup! I understand the joy of having a studio space because I just bought more lights and now I can actually pull of bright well-lit studio shots now too! It's such a wonderful advancement when you've always been stuck with having to use natural light. A few small lights can get decent tabletop shots, but it takes a lot of light to pull off portraits and full body shots. Hope you have a blast and get lots of uploads and sales!!


Very interesting!


Many Congratulations!
+1 to Alvera.
Play of light and shadow holds good in artistic forums. Even we photgraphers also like them. But in stock, maximum best selling photos are wellit and most of the subject is in proper focus.


Thank you for advices.My studio is small(a room from my apartment)but i will use white background.I just liked the backdrop and howthe model looks.Thank you


Congratulations. If you are open for (bad) feedback :) take this: Hope you will improve the lighting to be more "stock" orientated. From my experience, artistic photos are not selling very well here. Try a white background. More info about your studio (lights, space) will be good. Good luck.


Thank you all for your nice comments.Indeed it's pay's of having a studio.Just now i finished onother session with a beautiful lady


Awesome. Having studio space certainly help product more stock. Nice lighting on these!


Good luck with the new studio, looking good!


Original portraits, congratulations!!!


Is much easy to make quality photos with one studio Jackbluee.You should set up one and you will see the diference.
Thank you Gheburaseye


Very nice! I don't have a studio yet. I am looking to set up one to take objects.


Very interesting photos ;)

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