My successful images approaching level 3

There are a few images approaching to level three in my PF . I like watch how these images sell and wonder which of them would be the first one to make it into level three and get the desired tenth download first. Actually, it feel exciting to watch the game as each of the images has its own character and history here on DT, if you like I will show it to you... :-)

First, there are pictures, which I would call long-runners to me as they have been online from 2 to 1 years. The oldest among them is this Nuclear Station

© Meryll
with an interesting perspective and 8 sales sofar. Some might say this picture is loosing his breath in the race but I would not underestimate it, this is a cousin of my most succesfull image ever! Next, there is the Green Leaf with 7 sales and Solar Panel - hot favorite with 9 sales loosing just a sale to get in the goal first!
© Meryll
© Meryll

With these long-runners strongly compete younger ones, let's say maturing runners. Most ambitious among them is the ordinary colored Telephone with listening receiver and 9 sales.

© Meryll
. Very promising is also the dark and moody Crucifixion which realy does not look very cheerful however sells good as well as rather dull but fine textured White Paper Background, both just a sale behind.
© Meryll
© Meryll

And finaly, here is my new hope, my sprinter, which got into level two just in 1 or 2 weeks, the Safety Helmets (7 sales) with great color contrast and wide copy space followed by the beautiful and seasonal Autumn (6 sales) and some other well downloaded pictures...

© Meryll
© Meryll

So some of these pictures is supposed to be a winner in this little battle but who knows, each game has its own rules, its own patterns, many of them are not simply obvious, results may vary from expectations by chance or whatever and in this stock world as well as in life you never know what... Stop me! I just want to say I like dreams, I like this game which I find exciting, maybe even addictive and which I hope will never end :-) I like ... And how about you? Feeling the same? Feeling differently?

Feel free to browse my portfolio.

Photo credits: Meryll.

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November 10, 2010


Whau..! It is even hotter in this little competition... now the fine textured White Paper Backround has also 9 sales and it is aa hot favorite for level 3 as the Solar Panel and Telephone! Which picture would you bet it to be?

November 04, 2010



November 03, 2010



November 03, 2010


Fantastic! Well done

November 02, 2010


Congratulations, nice images!

November 02, 2010



November 02, 2010


You're doing great.... Congratulations.

November 02, 2010


Great seletion of images, really well done :-)


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