My Thailand

I visited Thailand in 2012. I spent 1 week in Koh Samui and one week on Koh Phangan. It is hardly necessary to say that Thailand for a European is very exotic country. Exotics is everywhere in the country even the airport of Koh Samui is the most unusual airport which I have ever seen. It is a pity that I was too tired to shoot.

The airport of Koh Samui

Still, the biggest impression made on me an endless ocean.

Endless ocean view palms.Thailand

Samui island is famous for its Safari Park where you can see animals so close that you can touch them by hand.

feeding the elephant

Here you can hug a tiger, to ride on an elephant and to feed the spotted deer.

Spotted deers

Also it is known for its fantastic waterfalls.

Tropical waterfall

The interior of the second hotel in which I stayed was decorated with traditional wood carving,

Ocean views

, and the Park was decorated with artificial ponds with carp.

Japanese koi carp

The boat has been a traditional transport in Thailand for centuries so now the boat theme is present in the architecture.

Wooden hut

Of course my blog could not ignore the two main symbols of Thailand the elephant

Portrait elephant

and the Lotus


Photo credits: Olgabugrovskaya.

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March 10, 2016


Beautiful images. Awesome

March 05, 2016


Beautiful images..Congrats

March 04, 2016


Beautiful pictures of Thailand-it looks like it would be a photographers paradise!


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