My top selling pic

Woman licking lips

Combined in all agencies I am with, this photo has more than 200 sales :)

I know it is not that much but really is a milestone for me

Photo credits: Theodoros Batzakas.
Theodoros Batzakas
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  • Shardon
  • Bansko, Bulgaria

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March 24, 2010

Great shot, congratulations :)


March 23, 2010

Great photo!Congratulations!


March 23, 2010

That is nice! Good luck :)


March 23, 2010

Thanks for your comment Davulcu. I see that you are located in Istanbul. There should be really wonderful places to photograph. In fact, I am to visit Istanbul next month, I am located near the borders of Greece/Turkey so it is only about 270km trip. I hope to catch some nice photos there :)


March 23, 2010



March 23, 2010

Nice picture, congratulations!


March 23, 2010

I enjoyed that alot. Very natural colors and really very sexy concept.