My top tips for being inspired every day for photography...


1. Seeing the result of my works is still №1. When I see any of my photographs published or used anywhere, that is a great motive to shoot again and again.

2. My camera is always prepared for shooting because never know when or where the moment will come.

3. I always bring my notebook with me & when the idea come I just write her even if the realization is not posible at that moment. Sometimes I make the photo hours or days after the writing of the idea, sometimes I even don't make it, but most often when the inspiration is gone I open the notebook & there it idea...& a photo.

4. Buying a new equipment. That's it. One of my favours. New lens or flash or even just filter can make me go out at the moment just for try them. Different stuff - different style - different photographs. What can be better from buying a new equipment.

5. Adventure. Being a traveller is great. New places, new people, new architectures, everything is new for the eye of the photographer. Going out early in the morning until the night comes or even later is a day of fantastic work. So the camera and the tripod are my best friends in my journeys.

6. When the things are critical, the wheather is bad, or just don't whant to get up from the bed, there is a little thing that I do. I just open a book for shooting different styles or some of the many albums with nature, portrait or other photography.


There are many other tips, but that's what I do most often. And sometimes the most beautiful pictures are happening this way.

Photo credits: Vanillla.

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February 25, 2010


A beautiful summary of my attitude too. David.

February 08, 2010


Liked your tips. thanks for sharing..
i also have few reasons like the one you mentioned that motivate me to shoot

February 05, 2010


I like your way to shoot! Beautiful pictures! :-)

February 03, 2010


Beautiful portfolio, nice to see your creativity put into such artful pictures.

February 03, 2010


Thank you for sharing these tips!

February 03, 2010


I wonder if I dare say it but I should have married a woman with your philosophy !!!!!!!!!!!! Your images are very creative and no doubt can be described as 'art' David.

February 03, 2010


thank you, inspiring.

February 03, 2010


100% with you!

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