My travel diary: Amsterdam

I visited my best friend in Amsterdam before two weeks. It was a short trip - just 4 days.

Kristyna lend me a bike. I was really afraid of it, 'cos I didn't ride on it for twelve years, then I had an accident and broke my two of my teeth and nose. I decided to try it again, but Amsterdam traffic was really stressful for me sometimes. And I had just one lens, 'cos I was afraid of breaking it.:).

Weather was almost cloudy and rainy, so we visited Rijks Museum, Van Gogh museum, NEMO and also a coffee shop and Zaanse schans museum.

And I made my first pictures for dreamstime with content filter in Red light district. (I don't understand why are filtered pictures from public streets took during day:)

Here is some pictures from this trip.

© Sarkao
© Sarkao
© Sarkao
© Sarkao
© Sarkao

And one picture from Zaanse Schans near Amsterdam

© Sarkao

I would like to go again there in summer.

Photo credits: Sarkao.

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November 05, 2011


Had been there in July/August and timed it in such a way so that we could see the "Gay Pride Parade"
Did some cycling too at the Marken Island (near Volendam)
What a wonderful place. Really enjoyed it and like you said hope to go again.

April 04, 2011


nice pics

April 04, 2011


Beautiful photos!

April 04, 2011


You have to use layers if you want to do it. In layers menu (on the right side) select round black and white icon and click on "black and white" or "hue and saturation". Make your picture black and white, click on the layer mask, press "B" for brush. And begin to color in black parts which will be color.
If you want to see how looks mask, press "alt" +click on the mask. Black parts will be color in your picture.
It is just basic tutorial for you, you have to improve it yourself. Try to use various opacity of brushes, select tools, color selection.. :)

April 04, 2011


How do you get monochrome images with a touch of red.... puzzled ? David

April 04, 2011


Beauty images,like the last one with the mill,congrats!

April 04, 2011


Great photos, I love Amsterdam!

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