My very first illustration

Today I am very excited because one of my very first illustrations has been accepted, and is now up for sale on dreamstime. I found that some illustrations are a difficult thing to get accepted on dreamstime due to the high velocity of certain subjects that are present in the site. So I am very happy that I finally was able to create a illustration that is not as common on this site, and it be accepted.

Winter mountain illustration

Photo credits: Wickedlydivine.

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Thank you mariayunira that means allot to me, I've just visited your portfolio ,and you have many beautifully crafted pictures. I wish you best of luck too.


Nice start. By keep on practicing, you might create a lot of good things. ^_^ You can visit mine to get a view ideas. Best luck


Well there are many methods but the one that I use most is I create many shapes then combine them to make them look like mountains, trees, scenery, etc. The photo editor I use to do most of my creations is PicsArt , and I save the shapes in the png format so that I can combine them easier.

It is a time consuming job depending on the complexity of your project but it seems to get easier the more experienced one becomes.

I hope this helps you out, and thank you for the complements.


Well done. How do you guys create this ? I need your help.

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