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I ran into blogs or forum posts of photographers that opened their own website all the time, lately.

So I thought "yea, why not, after all?" and here I am, buying a domain and hosting package at bluehost dot com.

The result is right HERE.

I haven't finished it yet, but it is something to look at, a bit of everything - just to give a general flavour about the look of the website.

Comments / critics are welcome.



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Hey there Popeslattz, you can see a "Contact me" text which is an email link.


Nice slideshow but I wasn't able to find contact info. I'm using IE.


Thanks everyone for the kind words! It really motivates me to get the site to its final shape and get some more content on.


Nice site. If your looking to get some added traffic there are many links to free search engine submission sites at one of my new sites: under links.


Looks really good! great work and wonderful photos.


WOW!!! I really like the slideshow on the homepage!!!!


Hi Catalin, your site really looks great! I like it! I'll wait to see it finished!


Good job, everything worked for me. I used Firefox to view site. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you!
Unfortunately I don't work on Mac, never had it - I'm a Windows developer :). So I won't be able to do anything. Maybe it'll work with Safari, I can only assume it's something related to security in FF.


Hi, good site but as Keki said, there is some issue in Firefox Mac version, and i checked in IE7 Win its ok, also Firefox Win ok. So being a software developer yourself you know how to crck this one. Anyways great start, yeah bluehost has lots of features, im with them for past 10 years now.


looking good - only snag is that it does not seem to work on firefox - mac version.

good luck! :)

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