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My workmates

As I am writing this lines, in this early and shiny autumn morning, a muffin tray rests in the oven. Some cute, great smelling demerara sugar, walnuts and mango jelly muffins were baked for the last 25 minutes, will be carried for 40 minutes on my way to work and eaten in a matter of seconds by a part of the members of the dream team.

For it is a dream team and I love to be a part of it. The Dreamstime team. I worked in a couple of places before I settled down here. And even if they all say people are the same everywhere believe me, they aren’t.

Each member of this team has his/ her unique personality, wisdom and sense of humor. Each has a story behind, hobbies, a personal way to enjoy life and little things that makes them more comfortable and happy.

Each and one of them deserves a break and a breath of fresh air sometimes, to be able to start a new day at work, with less stress and more force to go over the day. So, that’s why, every once in a while, I bake cakes or muffins or tarts. So we can have our little moments before we must keep the great wave of images under leash :)

My dear workmates, I like you all the way you are. But enough talk!

Better come in the kitchen fast before someone leaves with two muffins instead of one!!

Photo credits: Catalina Zaharescu Tiensuu.

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Hehe, thank you Julie! It is also relaxing to cook. At least for me.


It's so important to have workmates that you like because life can become miserable when you don't. I'm happy that you are happy with your job and mates. Your food images are amazing and are inspiring me to get into the kitchen and bake!


The world is tooo big! If we had a world wide, super fast, transportation system your muffins would be in real danger!


oh my g.! I'm so hungry :)




Nice! Great workmates are a real treasure. You are bunch of lucky people. So nice to hear that you don't take a good care only of your customers, but of each other too. It's so nice to hear it. Keep up your good work. You are great!

LOL Sebastian, it was good, right? ;)


Thank's for The interesting post


Looks so yummy. It makes me thinking about my mom now.


Wow..look delicious
Yummy... (^ _ ^)


Thank you all for the nice words :)


Delicious, and their color is very beautiful!


thank you so much for the blog Catalina! It is so very reassuring to know that DT team is so great and personal and approachable. Every time I exchanged emails with DT support they were fantastic, kind, fast. The community of contributors is very encompassing, welcoming and always happy to help a newbe with their little problems :-) I think this log just confirms everything I think of DT - I am so happy I am here and sorry I didn't join earlier! Ewapix


These look delicious!


Looks great !


Ha ha ha, delicious, really want to taste!


Sounds delicious !


There goes my diet....
Damn, those look delicious!


May there be more muffins in the oven and may there be more breaks ..... so that all pictures are viewed/accepted with the minimum duress :-)


Yummy!do you accept muffin orders online? :)


That looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing!


@Catalina: good thinking, lovely blog!
@Petar, let's have coffee together tomorrow :)


Naaaaah :P


Catalina, too many sweets make you fat ;-)


Express mail can get them here by next morning... that's about all I can wait, so hurry up! :P


It is great to photograph your own kitchen work, and the best comes at the end... Yummy.


Great blog It must be a good feeling to work with such a great team..You all are on top of my list..I bet it is a hoot also..enjoy you sweets,making me hungry..yummy


Best cookies, indeed! We're forever grateful. Let's kiss the cook :)) Wait, even the cat is grateful, let me show you what's doing right now... LINK


Wow! Yummy !!!!!!!!


Thank you Karen for the nice words :) And of course the others that already let a comment here. :)


I wish I could bake and send the entire team a box of goodies, but you'll have to accept this virtual basket of sweets as a thank you from one humble contributor for all the great work done by this team. I don't think we photographers pause often enough to appreciate all that this team does to help each one of us achieve our individual dreams .. congratulations on 12 million images, and I toast you with my coffee cup - enjoy the imaginary goodies!

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