My worst photos?

Hi DT people,

Today I'm studyng my upload photos views and I've seen a particular....

There are some picture in my portfolio that are more similiar in composition and keyword, but some of this are more visited while other of this have received very little views...

I don't see difference, can you help me to discovery any difference to improve my work? They are uplad at same time!

If my english is uncorrect, wrtite me the errors please ;)


Photo credits: Gennaro86.

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January 23, 2011


They are not the same, cause if they are you wouldn't do them on the first hand & they wouldn't be accepted by DT! The use of the images makes the difference & that's why you see the difference in the views! For example the use of isolated almonds is not the same as filled in Macro shot, but my advise is to make some difference in keywording the images...
Almonds isolated: isolated, white... The other you could use macro background....
Squid Jig use the single & plural terms!
Good luck!

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