N/a sales, how do they work?

Many times I have read about messages of contributors asking about n/a sales.

Now I can tell you for sure how it works.

As an architect I have some periods of the year in wich I have few work and periods in wich I can't stop because I have too much to do.

So when I have few work I use to work for Dt, creating new images, writing blogs, answering on the forum,... In these days I have a lot of n/a sales!

This means that buyers can see my latest images on line, my new posts and click on my profile, finding some images that can be suitable for them.

In these periods I use to have more downloads, but less rpd because of many subscriptions. This probably means that buyers sailing on Dt looking around for nice images are users with a subscription pack.

In these few monthes I had a lot to do as an architect, so I havn't been working for Dt.

The good news is that I have been going selling ;)

And the interesting thing is that they all are images sold with a keyword!

As I hadn't activity on the site to generate links to my profile, my only sells have been from buyers looking for a specific image! And I had really few subscribtions!

I think this can means two important things:

1- more that you are active on Dt, more that you sell

2- if you can't be active for a while don't matter, you can sell less images, but you can sell as well!

Photo credits: Trottola.

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Thank you all for your kind answers!
@Roberto that's why your images are so beautiful and creative! ;)


Congratulations for your sales, and for being active as an architect.


interesting point of view. Never thought of it like this!
Thanks for spreading this, it's a useful post.


very interesting and useful thoughts, thanks for that! Something to have in mind for sure..




Congratulations! :)


Useful blog. And I'm an architect, too. :-)


Congrats for your sales!

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