Nafplio, first capital of greece

Nafplio has been the first modern capital of greece.

It was one of the oldest settlement of greece,

and was populated by the mycenian civilization.

More recently around the 18th century, the venitian used

and protected the harbour of naplio for trade purpose.

There is a lot to see in this area : beautiful landscapes, nice seaside,

ruins and archeoligical sites. Nafplio has still kept her old city center which is very nice and quiet. The palimidi fortress is an incredible

castle and walks along the seaside are very charming. The harbour is famous for its bourtzi castle which is very nice.

It's a common stop for tourists and cruiseboats visiting greece.

all the pictures here were took in nafplio.

Photo credits: , Olivier Meerson.

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thanks, best sales wishes !


Beautiful terrestrial paradise! Thank you for pleasing my eyes :-) Yearning....


really a nice place like fairyland! I dream of going there too sometime later~~

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