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I just wanted to share an easy tip that I use for saving time.

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Tip 1: Naming that file

It doesn't matter if you are going to submit an additional format or not you need to name your files with a system. The reason for this is if you need to resubmit it, upload the original or decide to print it out for yourself this will save you a ton of time.

The system that I use for all of my files is as follows

"File description" "Date Taken "file name" "revision"

Now For the Explanation of my system:

File Description:

The reason that I do file description first is so that if i am looking for a tropical file i jump to T in my processed works file and can find the image for print or if you have something pending and would like a full view but dont remember the exact file info.

Date Taken: This is just a basic thing for me since when I import files I use Bridge to create a new folder in chronological order. I personally keep everything not only on my laptop but also on a external HD and my home server and Monthly DVD Downloads sitting in a Firebox (When an emergency occurs I dont want to lose 15K + shots)

File Name: The reason to always put the file name down in the format that the system has it is that often enough we as photographer will shoot multiples of the same item, location, model, exc. With that said its often time consuming to have to open 30 raw files to make sure that you are submitting the correct file for additional format or if you need to do a re edit.

Revision: this is mostly for when you retouch something & save multiples of the file. I do this mostly for Selective color, Major Saturation changes, Isolation, Exc. The method I use for this is

B for Black & White, C for Selective Color, S for Sephia, I for Isolated, V for Vintage Color, If I do multiple revision of the same style I do letter then number such as I3 which would be isolated version 3.

you can also do this in the meta data if you have time but in my experience this system is a bit faster when you are working on a large number of files.

I will be posting more tips on here and my blog

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Silver Bottle Pouring

Organic Green Chai Tea

Heart in the Sand

Empty Tropical Picnic Area

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