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Do you know about National Camera Day in every 29th June?

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I’m Muhlis again. Do you know about (National) Camera Day is coming on this 29th June?


Every First in Photography

First Camera and First Photo

The first photo is taken by a light-proof box with front lens. It was taken in 1802 in England, by Thomas Wedgwood, on the silver nitrate paper or a leather but the photo didn't stable.

First Photo and More

In 1827, Niepce found the first image on the sensitive plate. For a landscape picture, the exposure time to the sensitive plate was eight hours. The painter Daguerre was able to get a picture in the dark box with a lens on one end and a frosted glass on the other, and drafted it on top of it. The method called Daguerreotype spread to the world.

In the 1840s, there was a daguerreotype artist in every city in the USA. In 1840, Talbot increased the sensitivity of his photo paper. The revolution in photography was with the process of getting glass negatives. British Archer pressed the photo paper from the glass negative. In 1868, color printing was enabled by tricromi. The process of reaching the digital image record brought the photo wide

In 1887, Reverend Hannibal Goodwin proposed a celluloid film with silver bromide emulsion.

In 1889, the Eastman Kodak Company rolled up the reels and removed the leaf films. The glass film was totally thick when the tough acetate film came out.

First Color Film and First Polaroid

The first color film in 1935, the polaroid in the 1940s was instantly printed.

Vintage Polaroid Frames

At first, the photo-makers (which at that time called black boxes) used to freeze moments began to become an art form later on.

The First Photos in History (Years)

Old Camera.

1826 - The first photo, behind the lens was the French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce.

1839 - The German chemist Robert Cornelius photographed his own photograph in the family store in Philadelphia. He took his place in history by shooting the world's first human photograph.

1839 - A photo of Dorothy Catherine Draper, the first woman picture.

1839 - First environmental photograph. French painter and chemist Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre take a photo from his house.

1847 - First lightning photo. Thomas Easterly, a photographer, monitored a nature event for the first time.

1847 - First war photograph. In the Mexican-American war Charles J. Betts sneaked through this photograph.

1858 - First birds-eye photo. Felix Tournachon with hot balloon in Paris from the sky.

1858 - Henry Peach Robinson has done the world's first photomontage.

Underwater scene. Coral reef, fish groups

1858 - Felix Tournachon also took photograph of the world's first underwater photograph.

1861 - First color photo. Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell passed the black-and-white photograph through 3 separate filters and reached the color square.

1878 - The first action photograph. Photographer Eadweard Muybridge took a running horse from 12 different angles.

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Photo credits: 2day929, Lebedinski, Michal Bednarek, Katrina Brown.

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