National Centre for the Performing Arts

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The National Centre for the Performing Arts,formerly known as National Grand Theatre ,and colloquially described as The Egg,is an opera house in Beijing,China.The Centre,an ellipsoid dome of titanium and glass surrounded by an artificial lake,seats 6,500 people in three halls and is 200,000 m2 in size.

The egg-shaped futuristic National Center for the Performing Arts of China was officially opened at Dec 23st.2007, site to the west of Tiananmen Square and the Great Hall of the People,and near the design,created considerable controversty.

Internally,there are three major performance halls:The Opera Hall is used for operas,ballet ,and dances and seats 2,416;The Music Hall seats 2,017 seats;The Theater Hall is used for plays and the Beijing opera.It has 1,040 seats.

Total cost of The National Centre for the Performing Arts was 3.2 billion Renminbi.

Welcome to Beijing to enjoy chinese operas,music,and dances.

Photo credits: Sun Xuejun.

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