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Today is National Pancake Day.

Introduced into the US by IHOP as a fund raising event for Children's Miracle Network,

National Pancake Day has been celebrated here since 2006.

So how are you celebrating today??

Photo credits: Karen Foley.

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March 10, 2014


Nice! Great images!

March 07, 2014



March 06, 2014


Taking photos of maple sugar farms.

March 06, 2014


Nice images, well done!

March 05, 2014


We are going to the Southside Deli at Whistler Mountain for a pancake breakfast. Yummy!

March 05, 2014


YUm! Shrove Tuesday is always greta around the world. I don't think we have an IHOP here so usually we just make pancakes.

March 05, 2014


Wow, I can't believe it took us so long to "borrow" such a great holiday! Happy Pancake Day to ALL who celebrate!

March 05, 2014


Pancake Day - Gotta agree with BCritchley, here in the UK we've celebrated pancake day for centuries, literally. You guys sure have missed out on a lot of pancakes! Cooked mine last night great with lemon juice and sugar or jam (jelly for you guys). Great pancake pictures Karen:)

March 04, 2014


Hey, it's not fair!:))) I woke up an hour ago and... I am hungry! Going to ask my wife for a treat today or... I'll cook them myself! I like them with peach or apricot jam. Honey is also a good solution)) Great Pancake Day, guys!

March 04, 2014


"National Pancake Day has been celebrated since 2006"

Here in the UK Pancake Day dates back to around 1445 and certainly was not created by IHOP for us :) We celebrate it by eating pancakes covered in sugar and lemon juice.

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