The natural phenomena.

I represent your attention of a photo on which the example of protection of ground resources from natural erosion is evidently shown.

The photographer stands on the opposite side of a hollow on which the small rivulet proceeds. On both sides of a rivulet thrickets of a cane are visible. On a photo the big fire is clearly visible, peasants on a regular basis burn down an old cane, that in the spring he would grow fresher and juicy.

On one side of a hollow we see a ravine, to which no more than 100 years. This handwork of thawed snow and a rain. The slope on which the ravine is located, was arable earlier. Year from a year he increased.

In the top part of a picture we see an embankment, in the form of a dam. She has been made 25 years ago. And growth of a ravine has stopped, as the dam detained thawed streams and a rain. The ravine on the sly began to become covered by a grass and a fine bush.

Thus, process of erosion of a fertile soil has stopped.

Photo credits: Tokomag.

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