Today I sold a photograph of three puffball mushrooms. (Thank you buyer!) The reason I took this pictures was that they looked like very strange objects in the middle of a green landscape.

I passed them while riding on my bike and immediately stopped to have a better look.

The puffball is really a giant mushroom. It can reach a cutting edge of 50 cm. They come forward after a long dry and warm period. They look beautiful and, if fresh, they can be eaten. It seems that people already ate them in the 15th century. On internet there are a lot of recipes how you can prepare them.

Photo credits: Antoinettew.

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September 08, 2009


It's DT surprises. Cool ;)

September 08, 2009


strange subject but..compliments!

September 08, 2009


mmm I'm hungry... nice shot!!

September 08, 2009


my granma in sibiria preapered this monsters very testfull

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