Natures Inspirations

If any of us ever needed any Inspiration, we could take it from nature, just take a look at this photographers portfolio, who would have ever thought that waves could be such amazing subjects to photograph and great natural inspirations where not one image will ever be the same, truly unique... Clark Little Photography

I have chosen to use Jinyoung Lee's photo for this blog as it is another great example of what can be done with this subject.

Photo credits: Jinyoung Lee.

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First of all thank you for link to the articles on image composition they have already been a great help to me. Landscape photography is my favorite and the inspiration nature and landscapes give me is hard to put into words. One of my favorite expressions is " You Don't Have To see What's Next You Just Have To Imagine It And Then The Possibilities Become Endless ". There are times when I'm on one of my walkabouts that I come across one of mother natures portraits and I just stop and I'll sometimes wait 5 or 10 minutes just admiring her handy work before I take the picture. There are no words to describe what I'm seeing when I take that picture it's more like a feeling of immense contentment when you realize " My God " Now I know what perfection looks like and I just froze it in time.


WOW!!! Those are incredible! I think my favorite is in the limited edition section, the "King Kamehameha."


This shot shows the beauty that being in nature is all about, a well captured moment of time that you can nearly feel and hear, well done.Beautiful.


Hi Marilyn, yes this force can be very humbling, thats what I was wondering with the equipment, it must take quite a pounding as well!


Superb wave shots! We have many surf competitions here in So Cal -- most of us photographers safely locate our equipment and selves on the shoreline or amongst the rock jetties. The REAL surf photographers are out in the water, equipment protected with special housing. However, nothing protects the photographer from being pounded by these immense waves or sustaining injury from surfer or surfboard. Thank you for sharing these images as nature, especially the ocean, is always so impressive as to make a person feel humble!


Hi guys, yes it is amazing how one subject can take on so many "faces", I wonder how he manages to keep his cameras safe in these pounding waves?


Waren, thanks for the share, it looks superb. Really we can have varity in just one subject.


Clark Little's photography is incredible. Not bad getting such great recognition, either. Thanks for sharing.


Nice shot!

Nature is beautiful.


Hi Jitka, yes its always nice to be outdoors and in nature, and as always your images will show the true beauty nature does have to offer us.


I love nature and I always believe that the nature is "the best model" for photographer - in these days I am a lot of time in nature and it is great! Thanks for the web, it looks great!


Yeah, not cheap, but very unique.


Great prices, also!


The only thing I can say is WOW! Great images! Thanks for sharing! I'm going back to his site :) Chao

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