Nearing the 100$ mark

It has been little more than 8 years in Dreamstime now... With 157 Photographs and 77 Sale I am inching close to 100 Dollars mark which would be my first pay out.

The journey was not without disappointment. It has been a roller coaster ride starting with the initial Happy phase and then the sad ones when lots of my photographs got rejected and then came the phase with first sale and subsequent acceptance of few more photographs.

I am waiting anxiously when someone would buy a couple more of my photograph to push my sale to reach 100Dollars

Waiting to say Cheers I would like to end the blog with one of my recent accepted shot.


Photo credits: Ravi Kumar.

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December 12, 2016


Reached the 100$ mark and really glad ... Its a sense of achievement and plan to take it to the next level 1000$ soon...

September 19, 2016


Congrats! You will get there! Just keep working. I am still waiting for my first sale also. I like your "cheers" photo

September 19, 2016


Thanks for all those encouraging words... Really means a lot to me..

September 18, 2016


Great work, Ravi, 77 sales, that is fantastic! Congratulations!!

September 17, 2016


It takes a lot of determination to wait for the first appreciation of your time for so long. For me it was over 4 years as a regular contributor. That's micro stock supported by hobby.

September 17, 2016


congrats and wish u more sales!

September 16, 2016



September 16, 2016


Congrats Ravi!
Just continue and sales will come :-)

September 16, 2016


The good thing Ravi is that $ 100. in India has the buying power of $ 1000. in the USA! You will soon be a rich man!

September 16, 2016


Nice result, congrats!

September 16, 2016


Good result Ravi)

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