Nearly 50 photos, but only 2 sales

They are by now six months that public photographies on Dreamstime and, between high and low, nearly have arrived to the fatidical threshold of the 50 photographies.

Unfortunately, although I receive appreciations for the photographies continuously, I do not succeed to sell as I would want. I have noticed that in the world of the microstock, the lion's share makes it the illustrations and the photos that represent concepts. In spite of everything my passion is that to photograph the nature, the landscapes, the places and the cities. There are some photographers who, following the road that I want to undertake, are resolutions to have happened: it is from these last ones that I want to take example. Therefore, a council to all: continuations your passions and sooner or later you will come ricompensati!

Photo credits: Cristian Carboni.

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January 16, 2011


im off to a slow start also...
i've read that after 100 files online i should see some more sales. i just a little over 100 and havent seen much progress.

January 07, 2011


Thanks, give me encouragement that helped me when I was upset, the ones where most of the photos are discarded, even if I seem wonderful.

January 07, 2011


it's always like this once you start something,even more in this world;I'm still pretty new and in need of learning but as someone else has said: you need a more differentiate portfolio because the pics you took are already good luck!

January 04, 2011


Thanks for the encouragement. However, it is already a great satisfaction to see their photos published!

January 04, 2011


I have about 53 sales with 115 photos online and I have been at it for about a year. That includes about 4 months off for getting my pilot license and doing other stuff but I am still going at it slow and steady.

You have great photos but you need more variety. I started taking pictures of everything I can think, food, cars, buildings, flowers, sunsets, etc. I even started doing illustrations. If you only have a small selection in terms of subjects in your portfolio you are going to only be able to attract a small subset of the customers.

Good luck and keep at it.

January 03, 2011


Do not give up. Continue to upload. Your photos are beautiful, time to test everything. Good luck!

January 03, 2011


I photograph wildlife and i must say sales are going very good. I only started uploading a few months ago after i joined Dreamstime in December of 2009.

It depends most of all about the quality and originality. To many photos i see are photos of subjects that have been covered 1000's of times...*tomato on white background stuff*

Good luck !

January 03, 2011


Keep shooting, but you have to shoot subjects for stock. Your photos are marvellous but not what the clients buy.

January 03, 2011


I understand you... at this time I have 345 photos on line and only 74 solds. probably we have a not very interesting portfolio. searching some new subject...

January 03, 2011


It's fact that in stock a picture of a busy car park will sell more than a beautiful landscape. If your shots are from one area or country and that does not have great tourism appeal then the sales via stock will reflect that.

Also check your keywords, your picture above of the arch has keywords like splash and science???? not the kind of picture I would want if I searched for these words. Then it is missing a word like "silhouette" which the picture is totally that.

Keep shooting what you love but maybe try new things, new areas of photography, get out of your comfort zone.

Good luck in 2011 :-)

Brett, UK.

January 03, 2011


I understand you, I am shooting mainly wildlife and i know it does not have the sales other sections have, however if we enjoy doing so we get compensated. In any case however if we try to improve the quality of our pictures we may increase our sales..

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