Need Advice...

Hello to everyone that reads this words, I hope you guys are having a great weekend and that you are having fun the best way... taking photos ;)

I have been training to become a better photographer every time I use my camera, but sometimes I feel that maybe because of my stubbornness I take longer to achieve that particular result.

Fountains of Rossio details

Can anyone have a peek on my portfolio here in Dreamstime and give me some professional advice...? I would appreciate so much... because I barely started working as a videographer in a self-taught way and there is so much I must know yet.

Anyone has any idea how can I expose more my photos here in Dreamstime? how should I promote the best way my work, so it can get some more views and hopefully start selling them as well?

Thank you so so much for your time!!

Photo credits: Patricia Miyao Andrade.

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October 01, 2016


Thank You for you words! Joezachs and Perstock!

September 26, 2016


Like this picture taken at Lisbon.

September 26, 2016


Hi Patricia!
You can find a lot of tips and ideas here in the blog section and also look at and learn from images taken by photographers who sells a lot.
Very important are the section about DTs quality demands - no dots, not oversharping etc
Great lighting is a key to success and you got some images thats really great when it comes to that. But, some got dull sky as the images from Japan. Then you can try to crop away some of the sky and enhance vibrance a little. Also the images i saw from Se de Lisboa - the sky looks ”dirty”. Try to make it a bit ”cleaner” and ”clearer”.
I dont know wich program you use Lightroom, PS or other. Adobe got great tutorials on the web for most image adjustments and enhancements. And i bet that you will get more ideas here soon :-)

Dont forget relevant keywords - very important.
Blog a lot and answer on blogs.
Start some ”Managed collections”.
Find your own ”areas of expertise” and fill the gaps there.


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