Need help with lighting...

I have a very small studio, about 8x10 ft., and I use halogen shop lights for my lighting. I have 2 of the double lights with tripods and 2 single lights that sit on the floor. It seems that I do not have enough lighting still to take a good picture. Does anyone have any ideas on how to set these up to get enough light, and so that the lighting is not harsh or extremely bright on the subject? Right now I am bouncing one of the double lights off the ceiling and I have the other shining through a diffuser screen to try to create soft lighting, and using the other lights as background lighting. Am I diffusing the light too much? Please help me!!!

Photo credits: Torie Mitchell/glover.

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September 13, 2007


firstly can i know what is your subject, is it a product or talent and how big is the item. The 8x10 ft area is a bit small but should be fine for small to medium size subject . One more thing is the four wall painted in white? Light travel straight sometime when come to diffusing light with tracing paper or diffuser it is the distant where you place it. The closer it to the subject the stronger it be and away more soft.
You can still place it half half, mean half light pass through the diffuser and half direct to subject. It all depend on where to place your light and diffuser. Black card also very useful, you can mask certain area that you want the light lower. Again closer the card to the subject, you create a more harsh shadow that drop on the subject and away softer.
The things you should remember are DISTANT of your light, diffuser,black card and reflector from the subject make a lots of difference. Have fun.

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