Need Inspiration? Look Around The House

I admit it, I am addicted to yard sales and thrift stores. Tiny teacups, reindeer candle holders, baskets. I’m always looking for props. At this time of year they’re the only places besides my garage one can find Christmas stuff.

The other day though, I decided to have an “around the house” exercise. What can I come up with, with what I have right here in the house (besides the cat)?

A couple of cool martini glasses and some ice cream, some pinecones from the yard and a basket from the closet,

a large specimen rock,

cherries and a red plastic bowl all lent themselves to some acceptable fun. (Meaning they got accepted.)

Our homes are full of remnants of children, actual children, dog toys, holiday tableware, seasonal decoration and the like. If I went foraging outside I would find saddles, tack, man tools etc. In the closet are the leftovers from my corporate days...High heels (okay not that high), brief cases etc.

My small collection of specimen minerals, all those beads from my jewelry making days etc....

Take a trip around and see what you can find.

I am pretty sure I will never re-gift a set of bath stuff again.

…and I still feel I NEED a beagle puppy (for stock images of course) because the only thing cuter than a beagle puppy is….TWO beagle puppies.

Photo credits: Ginger Sanders.

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July 08, 2011


Cats don't make very good props do they! The cherries look very yummy.

July 07, 2011


I love garage sales/thrift stores too!! Great prop shops!!! Does that mean I'm related to a dumpster diver???

July 07, 2011


Thanks for sharing... Good luck.

July 07, 2011


looking around house I get inspiration to leave comp immediately and make just a little order...usual situation having toddler in house!

July 07, 2011


Great idea ... one never knows what a trip through our treasures (or trash) will uncover.

July 07, 2011


A good idea! Thanks!

July 07, 2011


Thanks for sharing

July 06, 2011


Great Idea. Thanks for sharing !

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