Need tips on picking subjects

Well this time I had a illustration refused because the subject was too specific. It was an illustration of three cranes on a white background. I thought the subject would be snapped up because there is not that many in the database. But that theory was just shot down...

Can anyone give me hints about how they developed subjects that are approved and later downloaded?

Any one have a tip on how to predict what is chosen for its marketability?

Any tips and clues would be helpful...


Photo credits: Karen Carter.

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Thanks I have moved onto to using more color. I also have a notebook that I am keeping with ideas that pop into my head while I look at the best downloaded illustrations... I am used to doing work that is either assigned from a client or something more artistic. I am not used to second guessing the market but I suppose in order to be successful I need to learn this skill...


Just see the best selling illustrations or search for any subject you have in mind, check only under illustrations and try to make something different from that. Also I suggest the illustration should be colorful to attract a buyer. Black and white takes time to sell.

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